Hotte de cuisinière avec filtres à graisse lavables au lave-vaisselle, 30 po



Installer cette hotte de cuisinière est rapide et facile. Grâce au système d’installation FIT, vous n’avez pas à mesurer, couper ni utiliser de bandes de remplissage. Une fois installée, la hotte de ventilation fonctionne silencieusement à 0,5 sones.

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Full-width grease filters

Make cleanup easy with full-width grease filters that help keep the kitchen clean of unwanted grease and odors.

FIT System

The FIT system eliminates measuring, cutting and trim for a perfect fit every time.

LED Task Lighting

LED lighting designed to last longer than standard incandescent light bulbs.

Recirculation (Non-Vented/Duct-Free)

By not having to connect to outside air, this hood can be installed almost anywhere, including a condo. Recirculation happens through filters to help keep the air fresh.

ADA compliant

This hood meets the Standards for Accessible Design specified by the Americans with Disabilities Act to provide equal access to all.

#1 Selling Appliance Brand in the U.S.A.

Incandescent lighting makes it easy to see what you’re cooking with bulbs that are inexpensive to replace.

Profondeur 18 5/8
Largeur 29 15/16
Hauteur 4 15/16
Profondeur du carton 31 3/4
Hauteur du carton 23
Largeur du carton 8 1/2
Poids brut 24