Hotte de ventilation à profil fin sous l'armoire, 30 po

Hotte de ventilation à profil fin sous l'armoire, 30 po

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Pour les cuisiniers qui ont beaucoup à faire mais peu d’espace sous le comptoir, cette hotte de ventilation périmétrique dégage l’air d’un bout à l’autre avec un puissant moteur de 400 pi3/min tout en procurant de l’espace.


Low Profile Design

Affords more space between the bottom of the hood and the cooking surface. The visible portion of the hood extends just 2-3/8" below the cabinetry above it, enabling ventilation even in limited spaces and offering more room for creativity.

400 CFM Motor Class

Delivers powerful ventilation performance to clear the air even for high-temperature cooking techniques like stir-frying in a wok.

Perimeter Ventilation

Pulls air from the edges of the hood and speeds up air movement at the center, enabling it to handle up to 65K BTU total heat output from the cooking surface. The underside cover suppresses fan noise and elegantly conceals the filters to give your cooking

Whisper Quiet® System @ 0.1 sones (43 dBA) on low speed

Suppresses fan noise with its efficient airflow and covered underside so you can stay focused on your cooking without distraction. The fan operates on low speed at a hushed 0.1 sones (43 dBA), and even at top speed it emits a subdued 5.2 sones (65 dBA).

Auto Speed Setting

Detects via a heat sensor when your cooktop is in use, then automatically adjusts the fan. The feature keeps your kitchen ventilation up to speed with even your most adventurous cooking techniques, so you can pan-sear scallops without a second thought.

Automatic Turn On

Senses when cooking has begun and switches on the ventilation hood before heat and odors can build up, giving you one less distraction so you can keep your focus on your food.

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